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From reality / concept to digital

a subdivision of THREE-DDM

THREE-DVR is a subdivison of THREE-DDM.
THREE-DDM is all about technical design and project management.



We are a Belgian based company specialising in "all things 3D".

Realistic Rendering

We make create photorealistc renderings of things to come. Starting from scratch or using your drawing as a startingplace, we render stills and moving imagery to your specifications. At any resolution and ready for all media.

3D Scanning

Using state of the art equipment we are able to scan large structures and buildings into a digital 3D model. This modal can then be modified and reshaped using CAD software.

3D Visuals

We make Microsofts Hololens a real addition to your meetings and your project workflow.

3D Models

Bringing your ideas and concepts to live through 3D printing and milling. Great for rapid prototyping or as an eye-catcher.

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The studio | Team

Meet the THREE-DVR team, the most dedicated team to ever walk the 3D scene. We're always available to suit your needs.

Pascal David
Founder and Head of Operations

Packs a ton of 'hands on'-experience and has severel years of CAD-expierence. Perfect blend resulting in unrivaled technical insights.

+32 (0)475 36 56 51
Pascal David

Jeffrey Forcez
Senior Developer

Jeffrey creates websites, mobile, web and desktop-apps. With 10 years of experience, the tools he creates are not only very user-friendly but also performant.

+32 (0)479 46 52 58
Jeffrey Forcez

Niek Deflou

No CAD/3D enterprice can exist without state-of-the-art hardware. That's where Niek comes in. Keeping all CAD systems running at full performance, so the team can focus on drawing and rendering. Niek uses Lingier Computers as his base of operations and hardware supplier.

+32 (0)59 80 82 01
Niek Deflou

Yves Bogaert

Jeffrey Forcez

Randy Decloedt
3D Scanning

Randy Decloedt

Lucca Sanchez
Rendering & Graphics

Jeffrey Forcez

Alexandru Fakeru
CAD support and extensions

Alexandru is an Autdesk Inventor Certified Professional and a true CAD-wizzard. Plugins, extensions and marco's flow from his keyboard. Saving the team lots of work and making the seemingly impossible a whole lot more accessible.

Alexandru Fakeru

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Discover our software stack here on our interactive virtual desktop.



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  • Visuals
  • Rendering
  • Preparation for modeling
  • Scanning on site (requires 800€ flat fee)
  • 3D Prints
  • Bespoke Plugins, extensions,... for your CAD software
  • Websites
  • Custom software

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Latest blog posts

Discover what THREE-DVR has been up to...

Feb 2nd, 2017 Our softwarestack

Artlantis, SketchUp Pro, 3DS MAX Design, TwinMotion, Lumion... Rings a bell? These are vital tools for our creations. Curious how we craft finished products? Discover our Software Stack below.

Visit the Virual Desktop

Feb 4th, 2017 Microsoft Hololens

After extensive testing with the hololens THREEdm decided purchace 4 Hololenses to spice up meetings and give customers real insight into their projects.
In the near future we will release a video on how it's done!.

Feb 8th, 2017 Autodesk VRED

We've added a new subscription to our extensive softwarestack. AUTODESK VRED. Stunning and emersive 3D and interactive renderings are coming! Looking forward to creating new experiences with Hololens and HTC Vive.

Feb 20th, 2017 Autodesk 360

Autodesk released their new Autodesk360 mobile app. This enables users to measure and explore CAD files on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. A great addition to Autodesks software palette for 'nomad' users. Getting your client involved on the right on the spot or verifying measurements in real life... It's all possible now!

Read the full story @ Autodesk

March 13nd, 2017 BQ Electornics WitBox 2

A new addition to our 3D printer setup. The WitBox allows for quick printing, even during a meeting!

Discover WitBox

A4 paper mockup
March 13nd, 2017 HILTI POS 150

HILTI provides us with state-of-the-art Optics, for accurate measuring.

Discover Hilti POS 150

April 5th, 2017 Meet Jurgen

Jurgen Sanders Joins the team! Tons of expierence makes him the ideal 'sergant-at-arms' for Three-DVR. Discover his profile in the 'team'-section.

April 6th, 2017 Office upgrade

Inhouse printed brochures, 3D-printed drafts, plotted plans... Our range of deliverables has grown! Cutting serious time by elimination third-parties.

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